Here at Sugarfayre, we manufacture a wide range of edible cake decorations...

Sugarfayre is a leading UK manufacturer of bespoke edible decorations for celebration cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, home baking kits and other sweet treats. Our expertise ranges from printed sugar and wafer to rotary moulding and Sweetmelts™ as well as blank sugar sheets for print-on-demand systems, including PhotoCake®.

Based in Northumberland, Sugarfayre was incorporated in 1991 and acquired by Culpitt Ltd in 2009. Collectively, Sugarfayre and Culpitt are owned by DecoPac Inc – the world's largest supplier of cake decorations, based in Minnesota, USA.

We aim to work collaboratively with customers to realise vision according to budget. Using printed or moulded decorations is a cost effective and efficient way to add value to products without the need for any highly skilled resource in a high-speed factory environment. From delivering simple pick and place solutions to leading development of natural colours and clean-label decorations, we ultimately strive to achieve consistently outstanding cakes and sweet treats every time.

Our decorations dominate the supermarket cake aisle on private label and leading licensed character celebration cakes, in home baking kits and can also be seen on products such as doughnuts and cupcakes in high street outlets, cafes and coffee shops.

If you are looking for edible decorations to transform and elevate your product, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Decorations are manufactured at our UK site
  • Distributed predominantly to industrial plant and retail bakeries
  • Markets include the UK, USA, Europe and the rest of world

Site Profile

  • BRC Grade AA
  • Sustainable palm, RSPO audited
  • Sedex membership
  • Kosher certified


  • Natural colours and flavours
  • Reduced sugar, gluten free, and vegan decorations available
  • On-site technical and design support, licensed imaging

Product Types

1Printed Sugar
Printed and die-cut images on flat white or coloured sheets; optional finishing with lustre, shellac glaze, embossing.
Coloured sugar decorations in a range of shapes; coloured and/or sprayed, may be embellished with hand piping and glaze.
White chocolate flavour compound in a half relief mould with printed surface.
Printed and die-cut potato starch sheets; typically flow-wrapped for home baking kits.
Blank unprinted sugar paste sheets for end-user printing or PhotoCake® systems.

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